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Need somewhere to take the kids during the school holidays? Paulton’s Park and Peppa Pig world is a superb family theme park set in 140 acres of gorgeous parkland in the New Forest, Hampshire. There are over 70 whimsical and imaginative rides and attractions included in the ticket price.

Peppa Pig World is precisely what you would imagine if you could step into Peppa’s magical world. The seven enthralling yet gentle rides and attractions are brilliantly designed to immediately appeal to pre-school children.

They offer little ones exciting experiences such as a ride in Daddy Pig’s car, Grandpa’s little train, Miss Rabbit’s helicopter flight or Peppa’s balloon ride. There is a muddy puddles water splash park (don’t forget to pack sun cream and swimsuits) and George’s dinosaur adventure. You can even visit Peppa’s house with its charming animated display.

To make the day even more special, Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig will venture out into the park so your little ones can meet them in person, and have their photograph taken with them.

When the little tykes are hungry, take them to eat in Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Café, or treat them at Miss Rabbit’s ice cream parlour. Alternatively, there are plenty of places to picnic. Before leaving, visit Peppa’s Toy Shop and take home a souvenir from a wide range of merchandise.

Everything is well thought out, with directions, maps, and a chart showing height/age restrictions. Clearly designed for all the youngest members of the family, nappy dispensers and baby changing facilities are in both male and female toilets.

Once you’ve had your fill of Peppa, venture into Paulton’s Park for more grown up experiences. The marvellous assortment of activities includes a log flume, roller coaster, 4D cinema, play areas, and acres of outstanding parkland. There are wonderful gardens, caves and ponds to explore, and the animal attractions include an aviary, penguins, meerkats and turtles.

This is undeniably a fantastic place for a whole day of family fun and is ideal if you want to wear out your youngsters before bedtime.

For more information visit https://paultonspark.co.uk/tickets.

Below is a list of the best hotels close to Paultons Park:

Take advantage of Paulton’s short breaks offer. Choose from 3 and 4 star hotels close to Paultons Park. Cost includes entrance to the theme park, overnight accommodation, breakfast and a second day in the park for free.

For further information see below:


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