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by admin on February 22, 2012

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Quick – grab your wallet, thrifty bargaining skills and holiday dates and hit the holiday shops in a bid to escape from the mundane life that, let’s face it, is returning to work. Whilst you may be tempted to ditch the British climate, the dark mornings and the frost covered cars – Britain has a lot to offer. So, it’s time it was put to the test. In a face to face battle, we pit a UK holiday against a holiday abroad – but which one do you think will win?!

Let’s face it when we sit thinking of the perfect holiday, many of us will think of the golden sand beaches in the Spanish isle, the sun beating down on our heads as we wear an embarrassing straw hat which would not be acceptable at another time of the year or anywhere else in the world – we’re British and we have a reputation to uphold. But…whilst Britain cannot guarantee fantastic weather, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Busy queues at airport check in desk

Airport hell!

Fight or Flight of Travel

Travelling abroad is stressful. Filled with a never ending queue at an airport with the check-in deadline looming scarily close, many of us find that our blood pressure rises, with the comic vein throbbing in your partner’s forehead as they stress about booking in on time – but it doesn’t stop there. No. After you have booked in you then have to while away the time as you wait for your plane to depart – and the best bit is, it is usually delayed.

British travel may be stressful, but it’s familiar. You don’t have to spend hours queuing at an airport when you can jump in the car, speed away on a train or travel by coach. Travelling in your home country is easy, you can sit back and let the public transport take you from A to B or you can get there under your own steam. If you like to be in control of a situation, then Britain offers you just that. No waiting around, no fuss. Straight to the point British etiquette.

Price War = Cheap Holiday

Okay, okay, so flying abroad and getting a last minute deal has become cheaper – but not as cheap as a British holiday. That’s right, we Brits know how to holiday and we play host to some of the most beautiful, scenic locations in the world, and they all come at a great value price. There’s a competitive market in Britain, which makes holidaying in the UK a budget option that results in a fantastic holiday break that keeps everyone happy.

Battle of the Flexible

Many of us find it hard to book time off work, but if you’re hoping for a last minute deal, then British holidays are the most flexible holidays around. Whatever the size of your group, whether it’s 2, 4, 6 or 15, you’ll be able to find a last minute deal in Britain that accommodates your needs. Holidays abroad may offer you sun loungers and unlimited cocktails, but your gran might have to sleep on the balcony while the kids are in the sand pit.

The underdog in sport and desirable holiday destinations, Britain often gets overlooked – which is a big mistake, and like the England rising from the flames to win the football world cup in 1966 against West Germany, so do our holidays. You can’t beat British holidays for ease of travelling, price, flexibility, available activities and all round fun.

If you’ve had a fab British holiday that you want to share, get in touch. I’d be more than happy to compare notes.

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