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by admin on April 27, 2011

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UK camping holidays can stir mixed emotions. There’s something romantic about that whole ‘outdoor living’ concept; the freedom to do what you want when you want, cooking and eating alfresco and generally taking in the fresh air in some idyllic rural location. Our unpredictable climate can sometime take the shine off a camping holiday; pitching a tent in torrential rain can be a nightmare. Worse, your chosen camping spot may already be a swamp if it’s rained previously.

So how can you get that same great camping experience without lugging and pitching a tent and without having to pay a fortune for a caravan?

You stay in a pod.

What on earth is a ‘pod’? Well, it’s a charming cross between a tent and a cosy garden shed. Roomy enough for up to four people, a pod offers a solid weather proof roof over your head and is insulated for warmth but has opening windows and French doors for access and ventilation. Pods have solid floors too, so you’ll have no more mucking about with muddy ground sheets.

Of course, being a wooden structure, a pod isn’t portable. You can’t carry it with you like a tent, but that’s part of a pod’s beauty. Unlike a tent, a pod is always warm, dry and secure. It’s more a mini holiday home. And best of all, there are pods everywhere in the UK with new locations popping up all the time. If you were thinking about that camping break amidst the beauty of the Lake District, why not give a pod a go? Or how about Devon? Or Wales? Or even the Isle of Skye? Who knows, you might enjoy the whole pod experience so much that you’ll take a grand tour, moving from pod to pod around the UK!

Whatever the weather, if the idea of camping in the great British outdoors appeals to you but the idea of a traditional tent doesn’t the charming and comfortable pod offers you all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks. Oh, and kids love them too. And just think, in the time you’ve saved by not having to sort out a tent and put it up, you can get a barbecue going in front of your pod, relax in your favourite camping chair with a nice drink and watch the sun go down.

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