Being British

What exactly is wrong with us British folk?

A recent survey of 1400 brits by the property website HouseBuyFast showed that given the opportunity up to 70% of people would move to far flung locations with the US, Australia and Spain topping the list.

To be fair the other 30% said they would rather stay put, but this begs the questions, what is the appeal of these far away lands and why would people want to up sticks and travel half way across the world?

I think I might have the answer and its a quintessentially British one – the weather!

Our lives revolve around it.

We spend the winter dreaming of warmer climates, fantasising that one day we’ll pack up our worldly belongings and move to somewhere sunny. Then we spend the summer moaning about heat waves, inclement rain.

And when the weather at home is at its best, what do we do? We jump on overpriced flights to European beach resorts with names we can’t pronounce and spend 2 weeks cooking ourselves and getting fat on the all-inclusive breakfast buffet! OK I’m generalising but you get the point I’m sure.

What occurs to me is that the problem with the UK is not the weather but people’s mindset around the weather. Lets face it, its one of the few things we can’t do anything about.

We build the weather up in our heads to be a big thing;

‘if its nice this weekend lets do this’

‘I hope the weathers good or I’m not going’

etc etc

But in reality the best things about living or holidays in the UK you can do with or without the weather.

So stop dreaming about getting away and actually get away. This winter put on your woolliest jumper and best rain mac and get out there and enjoy the best of the British winter!

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