You only have to turn on the TV any night of the week and witness the endless procession of popular cookery shows to realise just how much the British love their food and anything associated with it. Food is the new rock ‘n’ roll; that can be the only explanation as to why food festivals in the summer are becoming as popular as music festivals. And with so much brilliant British (and other) grub to enjoy, what could be a nicer way of spending a British summer’s day than at one of these superb UK summer food festivals?

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The Top 5 Places to go Scuba Diving in the UK

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If you are planning a scuba trip you will be pleased to know that the UK has many fantastic places for scuba divers; whether you like wrecks, open water, quarries, lakes, rivers or even reservoirs, there is an ideal scuba spot for you!  Scuba diving in the UK also gives you the opportunity to visit […]

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A Day at The Eden Project

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As its name suggests, the Eden Project is a laudable effort to protect and preserve the planet’s natural heritage. The huge complex outside of Cornwall consists of two large geodesic dome greenhouses, each containing its own distinct biosphere of plant life. A research and an education centre as well as a tourist attraction, the site […]

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Surfing Holiday Hotspots in Cornwall

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There’s no doubt that one of the top UK holiday destinations for adrenalin sports enthusiasts is Cornwall. Renowned throughout the world for being home to some of the best surfing hotspots, Cornwall has been a popular holiday destination for decades – here we take a look at why.

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