The country of Hertfordshire has a fantastic range of restaurants, from tandoori in Hemel Hempstead to gastropubs in Harpenden.  There’s a wide variety of choice, in terms of value for money, standards of excellence and, of course, the quality of the service and deliciousness of the food.  Whether you’re looking for a casual but cool Italian meal for a weekend dinner, or a Michelin starred lunch for a special occasion, you’ll find a venue for everything at one of the best restaurants in Hertfordshire listed below. [click to continue…]


Winning Herts – the best things to see and do in Hertfordshire

Adjoining Greater London’s northern border the county of Hertfordshire was originally a stone-age settlement, later occupied by the Romans and subsequently invaded by the Anglo-Saxons (who named the area ‘heort ford’ – ‘deer crossing’ in modern English). Today, Hertfordshire is primarily an agricultural county thanks to its largely flat landscape, but for the Hertfordshire visitor […]

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