Back in the day, Dick Whittington was attracted to London on the premise that the city’s streets were ‘paved with gold’. That was a few centuries ago. Today, London’s visitors are probably more inclined to believe that they need wallets lined with gold in order to appreciate all that the city has to offer. Not so. London offers enough free sights, landmarks, experiences and attractions to fill any number of days out and to keep adults and kids amused and entertained for hours on end. Here’s a selection of some of London’s best free attractions. [click to continue…]


8 of the UK’s Best Summer Food Festivals

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You only have to turn on the TV any night of the week and witness the endless procession of popular cookery shows to realise just how much the British love their food and anything associated with it. Food is the new rock ‘n’ roll; that can be the only explanation as to why food festivals […]

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One For The Road? Historic London Pubs

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The London pub is a great tradition and one that has been established for many centuries. From old ale houses through to the modern day bar-pub hybrids with wasabi nuts on tap and a range of boutique beers, drinking holes in the Capital have seen the city through some of the best of times and […]

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Weird Names of London

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I used to walk through Little Britain every day on my way to work. Nothing at all to do with Matt Lucas, David Walliams and the hit TV show – its name reflects the fact that once upon a time the Duke of Brittany had his quarters here. It lies between Smithfield and the City; […]

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A Trip to Smithfield Market

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Sometimes I end up catching an early train that gets into London at a ridiculous hour of the morning – five or six o’clock, too early for anything to be open except the greasy spoon cafes and a couple of hard-working investment banks.

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Off Beat Sports Events in London This Summer

There’s really no escaping it, if you live in London (or didn’t research your travel plans properly and happen to be visiting between 27 July and 12 August 2012!) the Olympic games are going to dominate everything this summer, both in London and further afield.

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A Guide to Five of London’s Most Iconic Buildings

The architecture of London forms a fascinating patchwork. Central London is not a planned city, like New York or Paris. In London, each successive generation builds something new that adds to the city’s patchwork. The following is a survey of five of London’s most iconic buildings. Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is the official London residence […]

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Five Best Places to Enjoy a Roast in London

When you’re looking for a great place to enjoy a roast dinner in London, there are a number of inviting locations that can provide you a fantastic meal. Roast is one of the United Kingdom’s traditional Sunday meals, dating back to the medieval ages when loyal serfs would be rewarded with a side of oxen […]

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Who Lives in a Street Like This? Britain’s Most Expensive Postcodes

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When it comes to the most expensive postcodes in Britain, statistics seem to overlook at least one.  Estimates by the internet property experts ‘Zoopla’ place the average property price in SW1A 1AA at around the £935 million mark.  Perhaps it’s because the postcode only contains one property and that dwelling isn’t owner occupied but is, […]

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Free Things to Do in London in Winter

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With the last of the winter months stretching painfully ahead there are plenty of glum faces around the city at the moment as budgets become stretched and imaginations run dry. However, living in this fabulous city has one huge advantage and that is all the activities that you can get involved in that don’t cost […]

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Beyond the West End: Top 5 Fringe Theatres in London

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Ask an average member of the public to name a show on in London and the chances are that the answers you get will include the likes of Wicked, The Lion Ling and Shrek. That’s not to say these shows aren’t worth seeing (though, I’d question the merits of Shrek), but beneath the heavily advertised […]

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A Visitors Guide to Getting Around London

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Getting around London can be overwhelming on the first day however you’ll soon find that it’s quite straightforward to get from one place to another. Get yourself a map of the Underground from any station and you’ll see the transport network divided into zones with Zone 1 being the most central area.

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A Walk Around Covent Garden

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I always like to stay in a hotel in an interesting area. While I might be spending most of my time actually inside the hotel, I want to be able to go for a stroll right from the front door.

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