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It’s the only city in Britain with natural hot springs, and like any city with an important geological phenomenon it was shaped around this unique feature – which also apparently has healing properties. Legend has it that the city was founded on the hot springs in 836BC when Bladud, the 9th King of the Britons, was cured of leprosy after bathing in the hot muddy waters. [click to continue…]


Cred and Breakfast – 5 Extraordinary UK Hotels

From luxuriously furnished historic country house hotels to ultra-stylish inner-city hotels with all modern conveniences, the diversity of UK hotels means that there’s great accommodation to suit every taste and budget to be found throughout Britain.

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A Romantic Escape to the Heart of Yorkshire

If you don’t have time to spend weeks away in an exotic location, why not have a long weekend away a bit closer to home to enjoy some quality time together and relax. For a luxury boutique experience and award-winning cuisine venture to the picturesque village of South Dalton, Yorkshire for a stay at the […]

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The Wight Stuff – Why the Isle of Wight is a Perfect UK Holiday Destination

Once part of the county of Hampshire England’s largest island – the Isle of Wight – is now an administrative county in its own right. Situated four miles from the mainland and reached by ferry the Isle of Wight has been a favourite holiday destination for generation; Queen Victoria loved the island so much that […]

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This One’s for the Lovers – Five Famously Romantic UK Places

Britain just oozes with romance. There’s just something about the UK which seems to bring out the lovey-dovey side of great artists, writers and film makers. Maybe it’s the landscapes: rolling hills, bluebell carpeted woods and windswept moors. Maybe it’s the seasons: what could be more romantic than snuggling up to a crackling log fire […]

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Planning your Valentines getaways in the UK

People take all kinds of different approaches on Valentine’s Day, and a lot of them focus on the wrong thing: getting the right gift. Shopping on Valentine’s Day is easy enough – either you pick up a gift you know your significant other wants, you buy some jewellery,

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All the Fun of the Fear – Haunted Holidays in the UK

It seems that the British have something of a preoccupation with the paranormal, not just at Hallowe’en but all year round. Go to any seaside fairground and you’ll find a Haunted House, and quite often a fortune teller who’ll attempt to connect you with those who have passed over to the ‘other side’.  This love […]

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