Things to do in the UK

Here’s a collection of our best ideas for things to see and do in the UK. Whether you’re looking for action and adventure or just a day out with the kids this section of the site is for you.

Back in the day, Dick Whittington was attracted to London on the premise that the city’s streets were ‘paved with gold’. That was a few centuries ago. Today, London’s visitors are probably more inclined to believe that they need wallets lined with gold in order to appreciate all that the city has to offer. Not so. London offers enough free sights, landmarks, experiences and attractions to fill any number of days out and to keep adults and kids amused and entertained for hours on end. Here’s a selection of some of London’s best free attractions. [click to continue…]


Green and Pleasant Land – 5 Top Eco-friendly Days Out in the UK

Ever-spiralling foreign travel costs and a faltering UK economy have done their bit to popularise the ‘staycation’, which not only gives the average holidaymaker more pennies to play with but also benefits the environment as we collectively reduce our carbon footprints by holidaying in the UK.

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Top ten things to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh offers itself neatly packaged to the tourist – tartan shops, bagpipes, the Castle and haggis for tea – a nice little ersatz taste of Scotland. But to get the most out of the city, you need to go a bit further – wander around the back streets or take a hike up the hills […]

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Educational Adventures for your Children

Now that the Summer Holidays have drawn to a close it’s worth putting something in the diary for the kids to look forward to. Not as bribery of course (ahem), but to enhance their learning out of school too. Here we have a host of activities across the UK that have an erudite slant!

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Unusual UK Sporting Events

You may be a fan of the Olympics and simply not have got your mitts on tickets, or perhaps you can’t even stand the thought of the eleven billion pound event and want to get as far away from it as possible. If you’re looking to attend something that is not the London Olympics – […]

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Visiting The Jorvik Viking Centre in York

York, Vikings, and Romans. They go together like roast beef and Yorkshires, cauliflower and cheese. The city of York is teeming with history, dating back to when first the Romans, then the Vikings, conquered and established life here. Over the years, many archaeological discoveries have been made, giving us a glimpse into the societies that […]

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The Top 5 Places to go Scuba Diving in the UK

If you are planning a scuba trip you will be pleased to know that the UK has many fantastic places for scuba divers; whether you like wrecks, open water, quarries, lakes, rivers or even reservoirs, there is an ideal scuba spot for you!  Scuba diving in the UK also gives you the opportunity to visit […]

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3 Surf Sweet Spots in the UK

Like most surfers I’ve travelled the world over in search of the ultimate wave. There’s nothing better than packing up your board and a wetsuit and just hitting the road. It’s as much a quest for adventure as a quest for good surf.  In my younger years I spent months travelling around Australia in a […]

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Free Things to Do in London in Winter

With the last of the winter months stretching painfully ahead there are plenty of glum faces around the city at the moment as budgets become stretched and imaginations run dry. However, living in this fabulous city has one huge advantage and that is all the activities that you can get involved in that don’t cost […]

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The Top 5 Roller Coasters in the UK

Here in the UK we’re theme park-crazy, with nearly 30 parks operating across the British Isles despite its rainy summers and long, cold winters. Major parks such as Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Blackpool Pleasure Beach have been at the forefront of ride technology, installing a range of major attractions during the past two decades.

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Beyond the West End: Top 5 Fringe Theatres in London

Ask an average member of the public to name a show on in London and the chances are that the answers you get will include the likes of Wicked, The Lion Ling and Shrek. That’s not to say these shows aren’t worth seeing (though, I’d question the merits of Shrek), but beneath the heavily advertised […]

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Hidden Gems In Manchester

Manchester has long been one of the premier destinations in north-west England. With a population of nearly 3 million people within an hour’s drive, the city has a range of cultural, historical and contemporary attractions to entertain visitors. Our guide below lists some of the less well-known destinations that are well worth visiting during a […]

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A Walk Around Covent Garden

I always like to stay in a hotel in an interesting area. While I might be spending most of my time actually inside the hotel, I want to be able to go for a stroll right from the front door.

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