How to Travel around England during the London 2012 Olympics

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by admin on June 5, 2012

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With the eyes of the international sporting community turning towards the UK in a few weeks, excitement is building at the prospect of perhaps the most prestigious sporting event in the calendar will kick into action after years of planning. Now of course the Olympics will mean a lot of different things to different people, and as such many will be travelling for hundreds if not thousands of miles across country, over land and sea in order to watch. Although not everyone will be attending, whether it is because they couldn’t get tickets or simply chose not to buy them – what if this is you? The extra human traffic coming to the UK and particular the South East of England and London is going to mean travelling may be more difficult. For all those not wanting to get caught out, here’s some top travel tips.

Will your journey be affected?

The old saying “fore warned is fore armed” comes to mind here, if you know how your journey may be affected you’ll be in a better position to plan ahead so you’re not too badly held-up. Take a look on the London 2012 or the official “Get Ahead of the Games” website for information as to where the events are being held and when they’re taking place.

Is there alternate Transport?

Some forms of transport is going to be busier than others, in London for example, the tube is going to be the choice form of transport, so why not try and avoid the crowds and take the bus? For the events outside of London you may find that the roads become more congested – is it possible to take a train for that journey?

Try and avoid busy areas if possible

Without wishing to state the obvious too much, if you don’t need to make the journey then don’t. This is pretty much a good standpoint for any carbon-conscious traveller, however during the Olympics any extra unneeded traffic is going to cause more bother.

Avoid the Busiest Times.

Can the journey wait an hour or two? Perhaps an hour earlier, or even the night before? Travelling during peak hours is expected to get even busier while the Olympics is taking place, if you want to reduce grief on your part, changing when you travel (if possible) will certainly help.

Give yourself more time

Even with the best will in the world there are going to be those times where you simply can’t make different arrangements, getting through Stratford on the train/tube for example is expected to be one of the worst hit areas, yet for commuters in and out of London it is probably unavoidable. At least if you give yourself longer to make the journey you’ll be less likely to be late.

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