The Most Unique Pubs in the UK

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by admin on April 11, 2012

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The UK is well known for its ales and for its nightlife. that’s good news when it comes to finding an interesting place to drink. The UK is rife with exciting pubs, and if you are traveling in the UK you should be sure to sample a few of these highlights. We’ve been up, down and across the UK in search of some of the British Isles most unique and interesting pubs and bars (its a tough job, but someones got to do it!) – here’s some of our favourites: (if you’ve got a suggestion for a unique pub or bar you think we should include please leave it in the comments)

The birdcage pub in thame

The Birdcage pub in Thame

The Bird Cage (Thame): Thame is a town/village just out of Oxford, and it’s a quiet and pleasant place to spend a day. You might not expect to find a great pub here, but that would be to overlook The Birdcage. Not only is this pub fascinating because of its rich history (it used to be a prison, hence the name, and is said to be haunted), but also because of its great drinks list and interesting menu. Only here can you drink Japanese Number 1 beer while eating an alligator that you cooked yourself on a stone slab.

Fab Cafe in Leeds

Fab Cafe in Leeds

Fab Café (Leeds): Fab Café is one of the most interesting and exciting pubs in Leeds. Here you will be able to enjoy drinking from a bar that is decorated like some kind of cave on Mars – fully of rocky wall plastering and unusual paint work. You can also marvel at the collection of comics and toys, the huge Darlic and Chewbacca models and the computer games built into the tables. Alternatively order an old fashioned gob stopper with your drinks and then play some old-fashioned pinball.

Ty Coch Inn - Porthdinllaen, Wales

Ty Coch Inn - Porthdinllaen, Wales

Ty Coch (Porthdinllaen): You can tell by the number of ‘l’s that ‘Porthdinllaen’ is a place in Wales. Specifically it is a small village with a very ‘small village in Wales’ feel to it. Any pub in an isolated village in Wales would provide you with a fantastic experience that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, but the Ty Coch is one of the ones with the very best views and location being situated right on the sea front and with the hills in the backdrop

Sherbet in Bournemouth

Sherbet in Bournemouth

Sherbet (Bournemouth): Sherbet is a bar in Bournemouth (which makes for a fantastic night out by the way) which has a very strange décor. Here you will find things like phone boxes, fish and skeletons to keep you company while you enjoy a drink from the bar, and later on you can dance the night away as the bar expands into a club with a dance floor. It has a very artistic feel to it and is perfect for students. Start the night here then finish it in Aruba which is a bar right on the pier that would make you think momentarily you were in Spain.

Redruth Meadery (Cornwall)

Redruth Meadery in Cornwall

Redruth Meadery (Cornwall): Come to this old fashioned pub to try mead and feel like you’re a Viking or Chris Hemsworth in Thor. There are lots of great ‘Ye Olde’ pubs in Cornwall, so it’s well worth a weekend of drinking.

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