The Top 5 Places to go Scuba Diving in the UK

Scuba Diving in the UK

by admin on March 19, 2012

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If you are planning a scuba trip you will be pleased to know that the UK has many fantastic places for scuba divers; whether you like wrecks, open water, quarries, lakes, rivers or even reservoirs, there is an ideal scuba spot for you!  Scuba diving in the UK also gives you the opportunity to visit some of the nation’s most beautiful places, and experience the best in British hospitality.  Here we look at five of the most interesting dive locations in the United Kingdom:

Farne Islands' famous grey seals.

Farne Islands' famous grey seals

1 – The Farne Islands

The Farne Islands, located just off the coast of Northumberland, make for a great year round diving destination for those who don’t mind diving whatever the weather, though the best time to go is during July or August.  These islands are famous for their wildlife, and when travelling out to your dive site you may be lucky enough to see puffins and other sea birds, and sometimes even dolphins and whales.  Whether you’re in or out of the water, chances are you will get to see some of the Farne Islands’ famous grey seals.

2 – The Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly, located off the coast of Cornwall, are easily accessible by boat or helicopter, and are a great place for summer diving.  The garden island of Tresco is an uninhabited and stunning natural habitat for all kinds of plant and bird life, and the beaches and surrounding waters are, surprisingly, among the most beautiful in Europe – on a sunny day, you can find it hard to believe you’re not in a tropical paradise.  The Isles of Scilly are very much geared towards water based activities in terms of tourism, so you won’t struggle to find a dive center here.

3 – Neath Valley, South Wales

A style of diving that is really growing in popularity is mine diving.  It gives you a chance to explore an entirely different environment, and learn new skills to deal with new challenges and potential hazards.  In the Neath Valley, you can dive in an old stone mine which never sees any natural light.  With the right equipment, this can be a really amazing experience, though it wouldn’t be recommended if you don’t have any night diving experience – it can be very easy to become disorientated.

Approaching Brownsea Island

Approaching Brownsea Island

4 – Dorset

The traditional British holiday towns of Bournemouth, Poole and Weymouth in Dorset can offer some great diving opportunities, as well as just about everything else you could want from a seaside holiday in the UK – great beaches, great restaurants, and beautiful scenery.  Brownsea Island, located just off the coast of Poole, is famous for having one of the UK’s only colonies of red squirrels, and is easy to reach by boat.  You can find some great places to dive in the waters around the island, and you will also find dive trips and equipment easy to organize in the area.

5 – Loch Fyne, Scotland

Loch Fyne is a 41 mile long sea loch off of Western Scotland.  The area is relatively untouched by tourism, so it isn’t easy to organize trips or find equipment hire, but with enough preparation you can experience some truly amazing diving here as well as see the wild beauty of Scotland without the throngs of tourists that you will find elsewhere.  A fantastic destination for adventurous divers, the best time to go is in the peak summer season.

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