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Olympic rings at St Pancreas Station London 2012

by admin on March 29, 2012

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With the 2012 London Olympics rapidly heading our way, some people in the UK might be tempted to leave the country for a couple of weeks while the Games are on. This could be tempting, but there are plenty of great reasons to stay in the UK instead and embrace the concept of the ‘staycation’. Here are a few of the best reasons why.

Less travel stress

You know what it’s like when you go abroad: worries about passports, travel insurance, luggage, flights and more. It makes the start and end of a holiday somewhat more stressful than we’d like. And okay, so if you go away in the UK you can’t predict the traffic or guarantee the trains will be on time, but as it’s such a compact little island, you can get most places fairly quickly, and with much of the focus on London for the Olympic fortnight, with any luck, travelling elsewhere in the country should be easy.

Patriotic fervour

Not everyone is given to bouts of patriotism, but there is something infectious about the spirit of the Olympics. It’s great enough when we’re just watching it on TV, so imagine how good it will be when the Games are in our very own country. It’s likely to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so why leave the country and miss out?

Hot Summer Deals

With the Olympics in town, all the country’s tourist attractions are likely to be offering some good deals to make sure they take full advantage of the extra business on offer – and you can take advantage of the offers, too. For instance, if you work in London, some businesses are talking about offering special deals on things like theatre tickets for commuters to ease the pressure on the transport system; it could be a great chance to see a wonderful show for a fraction of the normal price. Plus, if you’re not bothered about watching the Olympics, all you need to do is wait until a big event is televised and then head off to your destination of choice while everyone else is otherwise occupied.

Green and Pleasant Land

The idea of the Olympics isn’t just about sport; it’s also a chance for us to show off our country. So it doesn’t send a particularly amazing message if half the population suddenly rush off abroad for a fortnight. We want people to love the UK as much as we do, and holidaying at home this summer is just one great way to do that.

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