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Romance in London

by admin on January 9, 2012

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People take all kinds of different approaches on Valentine’s Day, and a lot of them focus on the wrong thing: getting the right gift. Shopping on Valentine’s Day is easy enough – either you pick up a gift you know your significant other wants, you buy some jewellery, or you simply order some chocolates or a bouquet of roses from Marks & Spencer. The real difficulty of planning a Valentine’s Day event is in deciding what to do, not what to buy. Creating a memorable date is far more important than getting a gift, and one great way to make a memorable experience with your loved one is to take a trip together. So with that in mind, here are some of the top destinations in the UK for romantic getaways.

London – Might as well get the most obvious destination covered right off the bat! For those who don’t’ live in the city, a weekend in London can be an ideal romantic getaway. There are all sorts of ways for a couple to enjoy each other’s company in one of the world’s greatest city, from sight-seeing, to great restaurants, to catching performances. Cap it all off with a night at a luxury hotel and you have yourself quite a date.

Scottish Highlands – On the other side of things, if you live in or around an Urban area and just want to get away from it all with your partner, a trip to rural Scotland, perhaps out by the sea, can be a magnificent way to do it. There are some truly beautiful locations in this area, and there’s also quite a bit of history to take in, so you won’t just be bored in your hotel. This sort of trip can be very romantic as well.

Brighton – Brighton’s beaches have some mixed reputations, but if you’re trying to get away and would prefer a classic beach atmosphere (as opposed to the rockier Scottish highlands), Brighton can be a perfect location. This is a city that is rife with culture and activities, so they’ll be no shortage of things to do during your stay as well as a great choice of hotels.

Cornwall – In certain locations in Cornwall you can find places to stay right by the water’s edge, and there truly is no more romantic setting. Whether you choose to go out and enjoy the water, perhaps by renting a sailboat, or stay inside with a bay outside your window, this setting should provide plenty of pleasant potential for you and your loved one.

Edinburgh, Scotland – This is an old, historical yet thriving capital city that offers plenty of culture and natural beauty, making it a great place to escape for a few days over the Valentine’s Day holiday. Whether you choose to take advantage of historical sites like Edinburgh Castle, or you see yourself more enjoying the shopping and restaurant scenes in the modern capital, you will surely not want for entertainment or intimacy in Edinburgh.

Each of the locations listed above can be great romantic getaways for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day date!

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